The era of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY is beeing shaped by promising technologies like CRISPR, genomics, transcript- and proteomics, which give the occasion to realise a bioeconomy.

Combined with improvements in speed and costs of synthetic DNA, it becomes possible to develop new biotechnological production processes as fast as never before, which will be
one of the major successfactors.


Common technologies only allow the analysis of about
1% of your engineered library.

The generation of millions of different genetic variants of microbial strains can be performed as fast as never before.

Technologies like CRISPR open up completely new possibilities for genome editing.

How to screen millions of clones with technologies which are limited to a few thousands?

We screen100%of your library in hours and BOOST
your large-scale fermentation process.

SenseUP abolishes the SCREENING GAP and allows analysis of billions of single genetic
variants in hours. By this, we enable you to investigate 100% of your library boosting the
sucess of finding the right variants.

We make your PHENOTYPE (i.e. a target molecule, a stress response, enzymatic activity, …) visible

FACS allows screening of BILLIONS of Variants in HOURS.


CRISPR or Recombineeringfor the first time enablesthe creation of huge librarys directly in
yourHost and screening of EVERY single mutant!


  • Increasing Your Benefits
    by improving the productivity of your MICROBIAL
  • Strengthening Your Ip-Position
    by IDENTIFICATION of beneficial mutations and target genes forfurthermetabolic engineering
  • New Product Developments by
    screening 100% of your libraries consisting of MILLIONS
    of clones/mutants/enzymevariants

Are you interested in learning if your production process can
be optimised by the SenseUP Technology?

We offer you a FREE validation study

of your project by one of our scientists

(worth €1.250)

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