The era of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY is shaped by promising technologies like CRISPR, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. Combined with ever increasing possibilities in generation of synthetic DNA, the generation of millions of genetic variants, creation of synthetic operons or synthesis of completely new sequences, is done within days.


Common technologies limit the screening to usually less than 1% of a genetic library

Generation of millions of genetic variants of a microbial strain can be performed as fast as never before.

But how to screen these millions of clones with technologies, limited to a few thousands of them?

We screen 100% of your library in hours

SenseUp steps over the screening gap, enabling analysis of millions of individual genetic variants in hours. We explore 100% of your library and and thus significantly boost your chance for success.

The SenseUp-Technology makes your desired phenotype visible.

Based on this visible signal, FACS enables screening of millions of variants in hours.


  • Increase Your Benefits
    by improving the productivity of your production strain
  • Strengthen Your IP-Position
    by identifying beneficial mutations and target genes
  • Discover New Products
    by accessing full biosynthetic potential of your libraries

Do you want to know, if your production process can be optimized with the SenseUp-Technology?

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